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We recognise the vital role we have to play in protecting and enhancing our environment with a robust impactful sustainability programme.

Our Vision - Our Values - Our Goals

Sigma has a clear strategic direction for growing its business, through owning, managing and developing the best Retail & Commercial assets across Ireland.

We recognise the vital role we have to play in protecting and enhancing our environment with a robust, impactful sustainability programme across our entire development and managed assets portfolio.

Our annual environmental strategy plan ensures that we set out our objectives, targets and planned actions across our entire operation ensuring that our ‘Green Status’ is maintained and aligned with our values and objectives and allows us to benchmark our portfolio’s sustainability performance. Setting baselines and tracking metrics enables us to see the effectiveness of our sustainability initiatives. We engage with local environmental authorities and consultants who assess our energy consumption, waste and water usage. This ensures that we implement best practice and identify ways to incorporate additional sustainable practices into the day to day running of our business through greater resource efficiency.

Sigma’s engagement with key service providers and contractors across a wide range of environmentally-based platforms is carefully monitored to identify efficiencies and potential operational improvements across our managed assets.

Our electricity usage is one of the most important contributors to our overall greenhouse gas emissions and therefore our focus is to ensure that all our assets operate to their optimum efficiency and meet our electricity usage targets based on yearly energy audits. In reducing our carbon footprint, we continue to invest in energy-saving improvements such as upgrading to lower energy LED lighting, ensuring efficient cooling and heating infrastructures are in place and taking the necessary steps to improve our operational performance continually.
We are proud to encourage the drive towards carbon-neutral motoring. We have introduced several electric charge points across our Retail and Commercial assets which assist in maintaining our ‘Green Status’.

Our management approach on Waste Segregation across our entire asset portfolio is monitored to ensure that we maximise the amount of waste diverted from landfill and increase our recycling year on year to help achieve our operational waste segregation targets for each of our managed sites.

With a continued emphasis on implementing new environmental sustainability initiatives, rain harvesting and the use of solar panels for electricity generation into the National grid are proposed projects currently under review by Sigma.

Our Environmental Sustainability Mission is to demonstrate our commitment and support to an Eco Green environment and conduct our business in a socially responsible manner which delivers positive change to our environmental footprint in protecting the environment and supporting a sustainable society and economy into the future.