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Long queues in Naas Retail Park as parts of Covid-19 lockdown lifted

Long queues in Naas Retail Park as parts of Covid-19 lockdown lifted

Long queues formed outside some DIY stores for the second day in a row today first phase of the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions began.

Strict social distancing measures were being enforced with retailers reporting widespread compliance and positive feedback from customers.

Around 30 people practised social distancing while they waited in line at B&Q in Naas Retail Park at around lunchtime today.

Popular items being purchased at DIY stores include paint, plants, compost and gardening tools.

Also being sold in big numbers are general home repair items and equipment such as drills, hammers, nails and guttering.

This week also sees the opening of electrical and IT stores as well as farmers markets, opticians, hearing aid testing services and some sports facilities, including golf courses and tennis clubs.

At DID Electrical in Newbridge, customers were encouraged not to browse in the store so that they could find their products and pay for them in a very efficient manner. Customers also weren’t allowed to handle products on display.

As with all other retailers, DID had hand sanitises and perspex screens installed as well as the usual Covid-19 informational floor markings, signs and posters.

It cost in the region of €10,000 to modify each outlet which also has a designated “Covid-19” official trained to oversee the new measures.

The ‘lockdown’ has also seen regular queues outside supermarkets due to limits on the number of people allowed in stores.

Article by Leinster Leader